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In a few months you will hear a loud thud on the doormat and your photo book has arrived! You can now leaf through this stylish linen photo book and experience your wedding all over again. And how nice is it to be able to proudly show this book to your friends and family :)

To make it as easy as possible for you, here is a simple overview of what you can choose. Of course, with my advice included to make choosing as easy as possible.

First of all, you can of course choose which size photo book you want. The smaller linen photo book of 20 x 15 cm with 12 pages is included as standard. For these booklets I always choose the album design and cover. You can exchange this booklet for a €70 discount on the larger linen wedding albums. For the larger books you will receive a digital layout and you can submit changes.

The 'Coffee Table Photobook' for €395
* Size 30 x 30 cm with sturdy photo sheets
* Includes 30 pages (approximately 40 photos)
* Each additional page costs €12

The 'Luxury Coffee Table Photobook' for €495
* Size 40 x 30 cm with sturdy photo sheets
* Includes 30 pages (approximately 40 photos)
* Each additional page costs €14

Are you going to put the book on your coffee table, put it in an open cupboard or place it in a book stand? Then it is useful if the album size fits well with this.

You can choose from 2 types of linen fabric.

Natural linen
The most popular collection of cover linen. The natural look is beautifully timeless and is well suited as album cover material. Slightly coarser in structure and with more natural imperfections than the matt linen.

Matte linen
Sleek plain linen for a nice sleek album with a fresh color. The pattern of this colored linen is quite fine. This linen collection is without imperfections and has an even appearance. The plain linen is slightly more susceptible to dirt.

Letter embossing
Stamped letters in the cover of the wedding album, two lines are possible. What I do as standard is in gold your first names with & sign in between and below that your wedding date with dots in between. See below. Your own input is of course also allowed.


Click 'Send' below and I will get to work on your photo book. You will receive the small booklet by post in about 4 weeks. For the larger books, you will receive the digital format via email so that you can report changes.

"Nienke helped us with a selection for the photo book, which we are very happy with. Everyone we show the photo book to is very enthusiastic about the feeling it conveys. The book turned out so incredibly beautiful with great attention to detail. Really a beautiful book. Thank you Nienke!"

Pim + Gijs